There are several solid reasons why you should consider purchasing a tonneau cover for your pickup truck. In the past, you may have just used a truck bed liner or nothing at all, but shelling out for a cover is a worthwhile investment.

Protection A cover cannot only protect the contents of your truck bed but it can also protect the bed itself. A truck bed liner goes a long way in maintaining the looks and appearance of your truck bed from the stuff you throw in there. Beds can get dinged and scratched up reducing the resale value of your truck. However, liners alone don’t protect whatever it is you are hauling. The contents of your bed are susceptible to weather-related damage. UV rays from the sun can weaken and fade items and rain wreaks havoc and can cause extensive water damage. The wind can sweep things right out of the bed especially during travel.

If the weather doesn’t get to your stuff, thieves are your next problem. Stuff lying unprotected in your bed is ripe for the picking. It is so easy to swipe things out of an open bed. Tonneau covers shield your valuables from prying eyes and can be locked for an additional level of security.


Truck bed covers can be paint matched to your vehicle and add to its overall look. It gives a custom appearance to your truck that draws attention and adds value. They give the truck a smooth, sleek look that is pleasing to the eye.

Fuel savings

The addition of a cover can save you money on gas. The cover provides an aerodynamic aspect that prevents wind drag. A lot of drivers who race trucks use the covers specifically for this benefit. Increasing your fuel mileage is a great added benefit to getting a cover and will allow you to see a little bit of a return on your investment.


Covers come in many different options from soft, hard, tri-fold and roll-up. All covers are reasonably durable and you can increase the ease-of-use factor depending on which model and style you choose. Tri-folds and roll-ups allow you to expose a small portion of the bed without having to lift the entire cover to get what you need out.

Pricing on the covers can accommodate any budget and you are sure to find something that you like for the right price.