Tonneau covers have become very popular in recent years. They are a big step up from truck bed liners that protect your truck, but not necessarily your belongings.

The covers protect your bed contents from prying eyes and damage from harsh weather conditions. They are a great investment for any truck owner.

Over the last few years, there have been a lot of improvements and upgrades to the traditional tonneau covers of the past. The original hard cover acts like a truck lid. It is a one-piece design that covers the entire truck bed. To access items in the bed, the entire cover needs to be lifted. It is usually supported by lid shocks that hold the weight of the cover while it is in the open position.

Having to open and expose the whole truck bed is not always convenient or practical. That is why truck cover manufacturers have come up with alternate designs to meet the needs of pickup truck owners.


Roll-up covers are convenient and easy to use. They are generally made with heavy duty vinyl for durability and flexibility. The covers are designed to roll up and they allow you to expose as much or as little of the truck bed and contents as you choose. Just like other tonneau covers, they protect your truck and contents and also have the ability to be locked for added peace of mind. The edges are usually secured with heavy commercial grade Velcro or snaps, clips or zippers and can be secured in place when completely rolled up.

Truck owners can even purchase models that come with a toolbox option. The toolbox can be mounted at the front of the bed and the cover will extend over the remaining exposed bed. Covers are designed specifically for each truck make and model for a precision fit. They can be used on trucks with previously installed bed liners without need for modifications. Soft top covers may not be the best idea for someone who works in construction or similar field. Though the covers are durable, they can rip or tear if sharp or pointed objects puncture the material. In these cases, hard covers would be the better option.


Tonneau covers are a great investment in your truck. They add to the value of your truck and protect whatever you are hauling from damage or theft. Covers come in a variety of styles and you can find one for just about every make or model of truck on the road.